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I’m sorry to swear but …

March 28, 2013

bloody medicine …

I mean it’s incredible and we’re so blessed to have health restoring medicaments but I wish we had a way of administering them to Hope that didn’t involve a pitched battle … I’ve tried everything; spoon, syringe, flat end syringe, coating it on a biscuit, putting it in yoghurt … nothing helps … now she won’t eat yoghurt, she licked the other side of the biscuit and then threw it on the floor, normal syringe meets with world war three, spoon is total sticky disaster and flat end syringe goes in but she pools it and out it comes again alongside utter hysteria.

She plays with the syringe afterwards, beams and ‘gives mummy medicine’ but as soon as there is anything in it (and we tried letting her self administer it) she clamps her mouth shut and bellows and writhes and pulls away and twists and turns and battles. On my own it is virtually impossible; I clamp her under my armpit and hold one arm behind my back and hold the other with my hand but the wriggling and the distress are horrid and again most of it comes back out … swaddling her totally doesn’t really work and feels barbaric, she thrashes around, shrieks and still just spits it all out whether you put it in the side, back or middle of her mouth, if you drip it in, squirt it in or just gently stroke her cheek and dribble a bit.

Hope cries as soon as she sees the bottles so I fill the syringe in another room … basically nothing works … generally she gets half the dose so I have to do it again to deliver the other half … the end result is she hates me and I feel more traumatized that she looks!

We had a reasonable night, her temperature is there this morning but lower, she’s still asleep, when she wakes we have to nightmare Augmentin delivery and then Calpol … the hospital said she’d get  used to it and give up struggling, the opposite seems to be true and she’s getting more and more resistant physically and more and more clever at holding it in her mouth and drooling, dribbling or spitting it out.


I’m going to see about pessaries for the paracetamol, apparently you can’t get them for the antibiotic … that will be horrid but better I think than the current nightmare.

Hospital this afternoon for results, more tests and a probable kidney scan … so a quick bath now and out for a walk when she wakes up to get some fresh air before an afternoon of air conditioned hospital air.

Thanks for the emails, phone calls and tweets hugely appreciated as are any thoughts on medicine giving or how to relax her (and I) before and after!!

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