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Ever expanding vocabulary

May 13, 2013

Hope has so many things to say now, most of them still tumble out of her in fluent, often intense, sometimes a bit cross but generally joyful Hopeish but she is now becoming bilingual and able to put a few of her own thoughts, needs and wants into English.

So many friends can’t recall what their children’s first words were so I’ve decided to make a note (when I get round to it) of what she’s saying … I love how some of the words are totally unexpected and other things that relate to her day to day life are still in Hopeish.

In the last few days she’s added the following words to her list

olives (said with a lisp whilst waving one on the top of her finger during supper)

fish (my necklace and her favourite food)

bumble bee (a picture in her book)

hat (well actually she said ‘at)

hair (whilst brushing it with a crayon)



pasta pesto (only I seem to be able to understand this but I did hear it clearly!!)

broccoli (pronounced “brolly”)

blueberries (pronounced “oooobriesh”)

strawberry (“briesh”)

she now regularly says “thankyou” (I’m an old bag as you know and don’t like “ta”) and Please (“plis”)

no generally means yes but has started to mean NO

hallo (hello with a Norwegian accent after our recent trip to Oslo)

row row row means please sing Row Row Row

ra ra ra means please sing Do the Hokey Kokey

Baa Baa means Baa Baa Black Sheep

up a ba means up above and therefore please sing Twinkle Twinkle

UP means pick me up

gaan gaan means again

sssssss (said with finger to lips) followed by ‘op ‘op ‘op means sing Sleeping Bunnies

and I’m sure there are many more …

I love that she speaks with intonation … I mean it’s logical that she would depending on who is talking around her but the way she picked up the Norwegian accent (which is very close to Hopeish to be fair) and if I say, “Bear” in a slightly reprimanding or hurry up kind of a way to her father she immediately sits back and says it over and over and over with a huge grin … she also managed “Clare” in the same voice when her lovely Godmother was staying with us.

She uses, “ere is” emphasising the is for ‘where is she’ or ‘where is it’ and “ere is” for ‘There she is’ or ‘here she is’ when we play hide and seek or peekaboo.

I love hearing her say Marmi and Daddi … but hearing the new words come thick and fast delights me and also makes me want to eat a dictionary so that her vocabulary will be as wide as possible. We read a French picture book at bed time and she knows that dog is chien and barks in a “wooooooooof” way when you say either.

Where she hasn’t yet found the word she uses her hands … and often mimes Incy Wincy Spider when she is sitting playing.

Yup … absurdly proud Mummy … and in the face of all sorts of real world difficulties and hassles these magical words keep my heart joyful and me happy.

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