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She said …

May 20, 2013

her new words keep on coming … tonight, after a particularly nasty run in with teething and alot of gumming of a drinking beaker and then blissfully contented jelly eating, tonight she sat and played in her pyjamas not having had much to eat as solid food seemed to make her gums hurt … and just before she fell asleep she crawled across her little bed and said, “jelly mmmmmmmmm”. Then she smiled, then she stuck my  little finger in between her poor sore gums and bit down hard and said something that sounded like “tooth”. I yelped, she grinned, crawled off and went to sleep.

I love my girl … I so wish she could be like some other small people and get all her teeth in a big rush, hers seem to be taking months to creep out, one by one.

So … now we know, an early evening trip to the swings, and then bedtime spoonful of jelly fresh from the fridge help the pain go away and make a small person happy.

The jelly helped with my sore throat as well (oh the joy of a summer cold) .. but. I couldn’t fit onto the small person swings!

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  1. May 21, 2013 2:36 am

    cold (from the fridge or even freezer) dried apple rings.

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