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and then she said

June 4, 2013

New words are coming thick and fast now … in the last few days:

“push” – when on the swing

“bottom” – when being put into her high chair (this one made me beam)

“Haaazey” – her new small baby chum is called Hazel

“Alfie” instead of Alfa for her boyfriend



“flaarrr” for flower

“chi’n” for chicken

“apple” this made me smile … she was emptying my wonderful neighbour’s fruit bowl very carefully and picked out the apples and said very clearly (and out of the blue) “apple” and then kept on saying it … then when a friend gave her sliced apple she apparently suddenly said “apple” then .. and she hasn’t had sliced apple before … clearly a child prodigy …

and best of all “happy” … she woke me up the other morning and had a small feast and the looked up and with a milky mouth beamed and said, “happy” and kissed me … I was nearly burst into tears.

Later the same day we were about to have the antibiotic wars, I was giving her a syringe full of disgusting yellow gloopy antibiotic (the previous night she’d taken her medicine without a murmur, actively reaching for the syringe) … that day she grabbed the syringe, turned it round and squirted the full contents all down my front, dropped it and shouted gleefully, “happy happy happy” … little monkey.

Since then when she’s particularly pleased with something she does her little happy dance, claps and says ‘happy happy happy’ and then chatters away to herself.

The other thing that has been a revelation is her understanding of suggestions, “pass that to me”, “come over here”, “give it to Granby”, “can you fetch me the book” and so on… and my favourite thing of all isn’t a verbal thing it is the fact that when I’m in the bath now, instead of just seeing the tuft of hair and her fingers over the top of the bath, she can stand up and I see her peering over looking at me and her arm reaching down and splashing the water.

Someone said to me about a year ago that parenthood and the joy of getting to know a small person gets better and better … at the time I didn’t believe him… but it does … and it’s not just her who sits and sings “happy happy happy’ to herself … it’s me too : )

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  1. Roger Darlington permalink
    June 8, 2013 4:40 pm

    Looking forward to hearing Hope’s words and giving you both a cuddle on Monday. Happy, happy, happy!

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