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and then she said … “wow”

June 13, 2013

and so continues the flood of new words …

“milk” (well actually “mullk”) said while prodding me in the chest

“keys” whilst waving them

“amba” – handbag … she has the one I used to play with when I was a small person … and she loves it!!!

“a poo” (when I was changing her nappy)

“wow” … copying me exclaiming when I was changing her nappy … and also me being over excited by alot of things, a friend once observed that I was blessed with more than my fair share of ‘excitement’ and ‘wow’ … we backpacked round Australia together and on one particular trip we (and a small group we were with) got to the top of a ridge and looked out at a spectacular view … “Ohhhhhh”, I cried out … “wow?” came the chorus back from the entire group and my beaming best friend!! and now Hope has the “wow” factor as well … that makes me smile

I also know that my small person has the wow factor, obviously, well … I already knew but had it confirmed last night when we were having supper in Pizza Express and Hope was given a tin can full of colouring pencils and a piece of paper. After she’d said “wow” and smeared the paper with tomato puree from her pasta she picked out a pencil … she drew with it and put it back … I glowed with pride … then she took another one and put it back, then I noticed that every pencil she took from the higgldy piggldy tin was replaced the same way up (pointy bit of pencil upwards). I knocked the tin over and systematically picked up every pencil and not just put it back into the tin (which would have impressed me no end), she put it back the same way up …

I put one in pointy end down … she looked at the pencil and looked at me, rolled her eyes, pulled the pencil out and put it back in the same way round as all the others. Her father picked up some pencils from the floor and handed them to her and she did the same thing. We knocked the pencils over again and she systematically repeated the exercise …and then when she’d finished she sat back in her high chair, beamed and applauded her tomato sauce covered self and shouted, “wow” and “yay” … I repeated it with her 4 times and EVERY time she did the same thing. She’s never used this kind of pencil and had never seen a tin with pens, crayons, pencils in before … I am so fascinated by how Hope and all her little friends are developing … it really is exciting to see one walking suddenly, one reading a book, one able to do a puzzle, one more dextrous, one saying new words … learning is a remarkable thing in one so small!

wow ... pencil sorter par excellence


Clearly, at 17 months, a child prodigy – oh I know, I know, but I’m her mother, I’m allowed to say that!!!

and as she would say, “wow”.

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