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You know it’s a good day when …

June 25, 2013

you’re woken up by a kiss from a very small person, then prodded in the ear, all the time listening to happy shouts of “up UP UPPPP”.

This morning I was deeply asleep, dreaming of sleeping on a warm sunny beach the gentle breeze wafting over me, the waves breaking in the distance when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pointy finger in my ear and a funny lovely little kiss on the side of my face. Hope had decided that at 5.30am it was time for a sing song … she’d come into bed with me a couple of hours earlier for a little milky feed …normally she’d then sleep through til about 7.30, not this morning. Maybe she’d been woken by the rare sight of sunlight making patterns on the curtains or maybe she’d just been dreaming about playgroup!

Even at that time I couldn’t feel cross with her, she was so happy when I opened my eyes and had already crawled to the top of the bed and fetched her small white rabbit, Minnie Mouse and little brown ted and they were all lying beside me. She flung herself forward beside them and then looked round, put her finger to her mouth and whispered “ssssssssssh” (it isn’t yet shhhhh) … that was her cue for me to start to sing Sleeping Bunnies… her favourite action song (alongside Incy Wincy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

So, we then spent, until 6.30 when she equally suddenly went back to sleep bottom in the air clutching Minnie Mouse, a happy hour lying down, singing, saying “ssssssssssh”, and then jumping up (and making all the teddies and random other stuffed toys jump up too) over and over and over again she bouncing on her knees and then insisting I kneel up and hold her hands and ‘jump’ her up and down… all interspersed with giggles and guffaws and cries of “mulk mo mulk me mulk” and bouts of intense breast feeding.

That song, that happy tune has totally stuffed up bed times … if she lies down in her cot at night and I say “shhhh” she takes it as a sign that I’m about to say, “No … Wake up bunnies … Hop little bunnies hop hop hop hop” and sits bolt upright and starts bouncing!

When the alarm went off at 8am I felt as if I was being dragged backwards through spiky thorn bushes, she slept on and only finally woke just before 9 bright and chirpy and ready to head to see her little friends for the day. I still feel half asleep and also am half wondering if it was all a dream … or was that the beach and the sunshine …

It really was a great way to start the day … now to try to encourage her to wait an hour or two before the next morning sing along session starts!


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