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Walk this way …

July 16, 2013

and she’s off … in a wibbly wobbly fashion my girl has gone from 2 unaided steps at playgroup last week, to 7 steps during a sunny picnic, to half way across the local farm shop to this evening walking about 15 steps sitting outside with her very proud mother, father, grandmother and cousin cheering her on.

She was so pleased with herself … she grinned and when she flopped down, she applauded herself and cheered … then she got up and walked again.. and came back the few steps into my arms for a hug so fast that she knocked me over!

Feeling very quietly proud … and a little awed really to think that this time 2 years ago I hadn’t felt her move inside me yet and was terrified the pregnancy would end in miscarriage, and this time 3 years ago I never dared to dream that I’d one day have a child … and now today I celebrate and love my WALKING, talking little person in a joyful, gleeful, clam, happy and utterly besotted way.

Born to run …

best I’d get into practise with my standing starts!

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