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Missing muse

July 25, 2013

I don’t know what’s happened to it recently. I’ve lost my muse? I think Hope has toddled off with it and hidden it down the garden somewhere. Either that or the fact that I have been so flat out busy I haven’t given it the chance to surface!

Not that I’m complaining, I’ve had some work, which is wonderful but it just means that when I do get some time with small person at her child minder’s house or asleep here it means I have to work, do paperwork, washing, organising of life and my writing seems to have been shoved to the bottom of the list … also now that she is starting to potter about on two feet rather than on  her hands and knees, means that life is much more exciting and I’ve spent far more time running after her, holding her by the hand as she hones her new skill or takes me for walks to explore the world from her excitingly upright perspective.

Aside from all my work, and her exploration, we’ve had one of her cousins staying and been visiting various activity based attractions (he’s in double figures now and loves ‘doing things’). In 3 days (very very hot days), we managed 2 mazes, one castle, a toy museum, Romeo and Juliet and several BBQs.

lost in the maze

lost in the maze

We also visited family in the Isle of Wight and swam in the sea there (Hope paddled and played with her new favourite thing, pebbles).

If as you're walking, a hand should slip free

If as you’re walking, a hand should slip free

Pebbles on the beach

Pebbles on the beach

Hope visited her Granny and with her watched a Royal baby meet the world (though of course Hope will always be the original baby Cambridge), and we spent time 2 of her Godfathers and 3 of her Godmothers. Oh and I’ve been to see Bruce Springsteen’s blistering 3 hour shows in England, proving that being older doesn’t have to mean Horlicks, gardening kneelers and early nights.

So I guess that explains why my muse has gone AWOL … it’s probably lolling under a palm tree somewhere with a margarita waiting for me to slow down and allow it back in again! It’s saying, to use a Hope expression, “man oh man” and smiling in a laconic,  I know best, kind of way and awaiting my return!

Right then muse, I’m back, chip chip, down that cocktail and come and give me a hand … I need to tell the world how much our girl enjoyed watching the first half of Romeo and Juliet and how she chortled when the sea water came up to her armpits as she was paddling and how happy it made me seeing the joy the Hope-effect had on everyone she spent time with.

One of my favourite songs seems apt right now at this time of rapid forward movement from Hope and patient contemplation by my muse … so I dedicate it to both of them,  and ask that they both wait for me, and yes of course, it’s by the Boss.

“If as we’re walking,
A hand should slip free
I’ll wait for you
and should I fall behind
Wait for me”

Enjoy this video of how Bruce Springsteen ended his Leeds concert last night ended …

this tired, hot and sticky Mummy left her daughter at home with her own mother and very sweet friend, for the first time for over 13 hours, and drove 3 hours to the show to stand amongst friends listening to her musical hero, and her very dear friend playing with the rest of the incredible band of musicians for over 3 hours before belting south again to a wide awake small person and her weary Granby. Hope welcomed me home at 2.30am and told me off for a whole hour before we both fell asleep, she holding tightly onto my arm and me reflecting on the wonder of the magic in the night and the joy of coming home to my girl… and re-finding my muse.

Should I fall behind, wait for me

should I fall behind, wait for me

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