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Baby weight

July 26, 2013

I’m a bit out of the loop this week … just heard about the absurd Baby Weight front cover on a UK magazine in the context of Countess Kate leaving hospital with baby and post baby birth bump … for goodness sake … I still have a post Cesarian shelf in my tummy profile and an excess of lumps and bumps almost 19 months since Hope arrived.

Who cares?

Surely more important is making sure a new mother is physically healthy, well and able to try and conquer the often difficult to begin with, task of breastfeeding her baby. Her body has been through so much already, her mind should be focussing on the baby, and on her own joy and needs and NOT on squeezing back into her thong bikini.

My thoughts on the matter echo those of Costa the Greek lover in the wonderful film Shirley Valentine … admittedly he was talking about stretch marks and I’m talking about the badge of honour that is an “I’ve had a baby tummy”, but you get my drift:

“they show that you are alive, that you have given life; don’t be ashamed of these marks. They are beautiful.”

And as to new King maker Kate … leave the woman alone, she’s just had a baby … and for what it’s worth, my advice to HRH, drink gallons, eat as much as you need to and a little bit more to give you energy through the coming demanding, happy and exhausting months and wear big pants … they’re so much more comfortable. Worry about enjoying (and coping with) this precious time and nothing else … but trust me on the big pants!

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