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August 1, 2013

Now, thankfully she’s back breastfeeding with a vengeance, which is a good thing as other than froobs, yoghurt and soft white bread she’s not eating anything else.

We have also discovered some nasty little ulcers on the front of her tongue which have appeared over the last few days … they weren’t there at the weekend so probably as a result of being run down… says the doctor….

but when I say run down you’d never know apart from some weight loss, she is now walking everywhere, chatting more than ever and singing constantly … an active, happy, cheerful little girl doing everything right but eating.

Breastmilk lollypops went down well … am now going to try puree vegetables and put them in plastic bags, chill them and cut the corner off the bag and feed it to her like a froob … ingenuity is the key I reckon but as I said earlier thank goodness she’s breatfeeding … breastmilk has antiseptic and soothing qualities so best thing possible to heal her poor mouth.

Onward and upward

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