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‘normality’ resumed

August 2, 2013

Well in as far as our lives are ‘normal’, but hurrah hurrah, Hope seems to be back to be restored to her cheerful, happy, singing, dancing, chattering self and today ate olives, fish, rice cakes, ice cream (breastmilk and minimilk!!), cheese, raspberries, water, milk, breastmilk, bread, toast, banana, cake, cereal, apple, peach … all in fairly small quantities but she kept on going.

She also followed me about all day and as soon as I sat down, would rush over shouting, “mulk mulk mulk” and lift up my top and bang her head on my chest until I fed her!

So … there we are … this time last week we’d just got home after seeing The Levellers at the Folk Festival and she was embarking on her hunger strike, and now she’s sleeping peacefully with a pleasingly sticking out tummy and a distant smile.

In spite of feeling rotten, my girl has come in leaps and bounds (quite literally) and is now walking more than crawling, and often refuses to take my hand. We went to the swings earlier and she walked round and round, up and down the steps and on grass and concrete enjoying exploring the different textures, and then realised she could climb the slope to the slide. She was so proud of herself. Lovely also to see her playing with two little playgroup chums who we had a holiday playmate with, the three of them toddling round like small weebles… not just her that was proud!

The way she hurtled down the corridor tonight, arms outstretched, beaming in her slightly too big pink pyjamas to say goodnight to her precious Granby was a sight to behold. Learning to walk is such a huge deal. She has lost weight what with increased mobility and lack of food, but at this rate it won’t take long to rebuild her stores which no doubt increase her energy and zest for all  things (except parachute play … went to a play thing in the park today, she was bemused and miserable and hated the whole parachute thing).

Right, bed before my little ‘mulk’ monster wakes up demanding satisfaction!

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