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things she can do part 106

August 17, 2013

New skills coming thick and fast and as I am behind I shall do a swift summary so I don’t forget them all:

mobility – walking, jogging and fast walking which is wonderful she kind of weebles along like a marionette, hands going up and down for balance, stance wide but firmly planting her feet. If she flollops down she pushes herself back up and goes right on… yesterday evening we went to the park and she walked probably almost a mile grinning and waving at everyone who passed and shouting, “hallo” until they waved back … it took a long time! She was more interested in walking than the swings. She climbs stairs not by crawling but by putting straight legs out and climbing … very proudly … not confident going down so we practise endlessly

dexterity – using a fork and a “poon” every mealtime, means meals take forever but she loves spearing things and eating them … if she gets frustrated then she takes my fork and uses that very proudly and carefully

she is holding a pen “like an artist” now, and a paintbrush and concentrated intently as she draws and marks her pages … Granby gave her a little sketch book which she adores, turning the pages intently and marking each one then going back and drawing circles and little clusters of lines

ability – puzzles and stacking things … shapes easily fitted into her wooden puzzle, coloured shapes on their little tour all done with great concentration … crayons in the box the right way up and huge frustration if something breaks

eating – everything now and loving it

drinking – still not mad keen on anything other than milky which she clambers over me for, slurps noisily, drinks with relish and just relaxes in my arms for … my favourite and most intimate times with my girl

words – coming thick and fast and a real mimic and copies words, sounds, intonation…







1, 2, 3 (she counts everything now … crayons, trees, pebbles, stairs …

a, b, c, d


yeuch / yuk

yeuchy / yukky



music – “why oh why oh why oh”, row row row, baa baa black sheep, the wheels on the bus, wind the bobbin up and twinkle twinkle can all now be sun in recognisable form … some words, some actions, but all the correct tunes

most endearing award

… goes to Hope for demanding I unpopped her pyjamas this morning, she took them off then pulled at her vest and said, “off”… I took that off and she proudly patted her midriff and said, “tummy” and then patted mine and said, “mummy tummy” and then sat beaming with her hand on her tummy shouting, “tummy tummy tummy” … and then stood up and fetched Minnie Mouse and pointed at her face and said, “nose” before getting Minnie Mouse to have some milky.

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