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things she can do part 107

August 17, 2013

I forgot …

when her nappy is done up or her shoes are on … “all done” “all done” … this was also shouted when they were trying to fit a canula into her little hand in hospital … as well as pushing the nurses away and crying, “all gone” bless her.

other sentences … “I want it” uttered when pointing to an ice cream her little cousin was eating …. also when she saw a hairclip in a little friend’s hair, so I bought her some of her own but she pulls them straight out of her now getting longer, blonder and thicker hair … my mother calls her Boris as she frequently resembles the Mayor of London.

other words:




eat it







rabbit (or rather babbit)

chair … she likes this one and gleefully says, “high chair” whenever she sees one and “ooosh chair” for her push chair

and finally her own wonderful version of Granby (her grandmother) who she now delightedly calls, Gammy or Gamby

Right .. time to head out for a walk before the “aining” (rain) comes.


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