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rocks and stones

October 28, 2013

Coming from a line of geologists it was only a matter of time before the earth started to really appeal to Hope …

she’s liked “pobbles” (pebbles) for a long time now, enjoying counting them “1,2 3, 4, 8, 10” and putting them in a pot then tipping them out and starting again.

Today she found a special stone in the gravel outside, she handed it along with several others to her Granby, the expert in small rocks and stones.

“It’s a brachiopod Hope, come and see”, and together they examined the trophy.

This evening after supper she produced it rather triumphantly from her dress pocket and gave it to my mother. They examined it front and back and then Hope slid it across the table to me, nodded very matter of factly and said, “fossil”. She then spent the next ten minutes pottering up and down the hall saying, “fossil, fossil, Hope happy Hope”, before sitting on the bottom stair and proudly holding her prize. “Hope hold it, hold fossil”.

If we’d have had any champagne in the house I think mother would have cracked it open!!

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