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say goodnight

October 28, 2013

Last night when she was told it was time to go to bed, Hope scrambled off her special drawing chair, scampered over to her Granby to give her a kiss, turned and said, “Bye” in a very perfunctory fashion and then ran over to me.

She looked back and I thought she was going to give her Granby another kiss… she did, but she then turned, lent forward kissed her chair back and gave it a pat and then pointed to the door and said, “upstairs”.

It made Granby and I smile.

That’s all…

oh and her take on the big storm (which to be fair wasn’t anything like as bad as predicted where we are or we wouldn’t have been out in the park early this afternoon), when she was swinging back and forth on the swing with her eyes shut smiling, “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mummi, wind, wind WINDY … happy Hope”.

Then she came home and pointed up the stairs and said, “milky Mummi, sleeping”. We went up the stairs, she snuggled in to nurse and had her milky and is now asleep.

Right then time to do some work.


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