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October 30, 2013

Jetlag (no sympathy required or sought for that, we were so very blessed to have had such a wonderful, happy and productive trip to California)

but then

small person stays in wrong time zone for 10 days but doesn’t sleep in the daytime either … infact hardly sleeps at all

both shattered and increasingly ratty

small person eventually sleeps through from 10pm – 7am

I woke up several times to check on her, next night we both slept through

huge relief

short lived

next day

small person catches cold from child at playgroup

no sleep due to short person trying to work out how to breathe through snotty nose and getting very fed up and wanting to discuss it with me at length in the middle of the night

I catch cold from short person

Granby catches cold from short person

no sleep for anyone for several more days


Shortie feels better and wakes me up to tell me and do bouncing and singing to celebrate and tries to make me feel better by sticking her fingers up my very runny nose

in meantime gaps in days and late nights spent trying to work, unpack, look after self, sleep, look after Granby, see everyone, be chauffeur, write, cook, wash, go to playgroup, coordinate Hope’s social life etc etc blah blah blah

to a 22 month old, running becomes the most exciting thing ever oh and throwing food

oh add sweeping up and mopping the floor to the list of Mummy activities

then add a few blustery nights, one parking ticket, one small person having a nappy explosion in the bath (while not wearing a nappy because she was in the bath) incident, shopping, more washing, Shortie missing her Auntie Clare, the dolphins and ‘orseys in California and of course

many wonderful hours of happy playing, walks, singing Incy Wincy Spider, Frere Jacques and 3 Little Speckled Frogs

end result


that’s all …

the sun’ll come out tomorrow!  (and it did make me smile this evening watching her make Eric her stripey knitted teddy bear lift the wooden building blocks out of the box that her great grandfather packed them in when he made the set nearly 100 years ago)

you know what, I wouldn’t change anything … I am as lucky as lucky can be and truly believe that, even when I ache with tiredness and am trying to sweep up jelly and cauliflower cheese.

Over and out …

(well I’d quite like for each of us to be healthy again and not miserable and achy limbed and snuffly … but other than that I wouldn’t change anything … other than having a glass of chilled vigonier next to me right now rather than a lemsip … teee hee the spell check just suggested ‘vagina’ as the correct spelling for ‘vigonier’ … made me chortle, and no I don’t think I’d fancy that)

Night all before I ramble on any further …




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