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November 7, 2013

Tonight we had a disco …

it was fab (there I am showing my age) … do people still have discos? do they use the word fab? who knows… well in this house we do.

Present at tonight’s disco were Hope, her mother, her grandmother, batsit the rabbit, Guro the teddy bear, Minnie Mouse and Eric the knitted bear, dolly, various other stuffed animals and a rocking caterpillar.

The music was provided by Jools Holland and Ruby Turner and I think Tom Jones may have helped out as well.

We were meant to be having homemade mushroom soup with Hope’s daddy but he was caught up elsewhere so we had spaghetti Bolognese instead and a disco.

Hope loves to dance, and she and I practised our turns and twirls before getting a bit confident and indulging in a bit of jiving. I tell you we’re nearly good enough to win Strictly Come Dancing with the Stars. Then, she tired of my unique dancing style and demanded that her Granby join in, I sat that song out but she came over and dragged me back up again, “up mummi dancing up” and pointed firmly at the spot on the floor where I was to wriggle.

We laughed and laughed and finally all flopped back down. Hope had a little milky and then went to check on her furry dancing partner Minnie Mouse (the aforementioned stuffed rodent was sleeping face down in the playpen). Hope turned back to me with her hands on her knees and looked up and said, “Mummi? Jocklet? Yes? Choclit? OK? Plis” all the time nodding encouragingly! It’s the first time she’s asked for something other than during a meal when it’s generally jelly and she knew it was a long shot, you could tell that from the way she asked.

Sadly, there was none anywhere to be found which annoyed her rather after all the effort she’d put into asking so politely.

We had another dance to make up for it and a story, then she spent a few minutes playing her toy piano with a small shoe box on her head beaming and singing, “hat hat hat”. Once she’d finished, she demanded more milky from “dis side” and then “that sid”.

While she was feasting, my tummy gurgled. You know, the unwinding kind of noise … Hope got the giggles and snorted breastmilk out of her nostril and said, “Mummi bottom … noisy”, and then carried on chortling to herself muttering “Mummi bottom”. I corrected her saying it was my tummy but she didn’t believe me!

We had a final slow dance, Granby had gone to bed, it was just me and my girl. A very jolly time at the disco and as she curled up to sleep she was talking to herself about Minnie Mouse and teddy dancing.

Maybe it’s hormonal breastfeeding happiness, I don’t know, but right now, sitting here typing with small person asleep in her cot and my knees aching from trying to do the twist (something I haven’t been able to do since I was 19) I’ve rarely felt more content. I’ve a work mountain to climb, a mountain of work to find, bills to pay, unpacking to do and life to sort out but for now that’s receded and all feels right in the land of Hope and dreams…

Simple pleasures, who needs wild nights out on the town clubbing when you can have a teddy bear disco at home.



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