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A fine start

November 17, 2013

This morning I was having a shower … she came in very pleased with herself in her spotty pyjamas, “hello Mummi”, she went back out and fetched a small furry Peter Rabbit toy.

She came back in and said, “batsit want shower” and threw Peter Rabbit (Batsit) into the bath. I hastily retrieved him and handed him, dripping, back to Hope. “Wet”, she said, “batsit wet”, yes I replied and told her that rabbits don’t like water.

She turned, walked to the towel rail, pulled down her towel, sat on the floor and started to dry the rabbit, very carefully, first his ears, then his hands, then his tummy.

“Batsit dry mummi”.

He wasn’t, not quite so we put him on the radiator to recover from his shower.

It was without a shadow of doubt, the best start possible to my day.

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