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Change of accent

November 26, 2013

Not sure where it’s come from but the sweet melodic “Mummi” has changed almost over night to “mum-moy” … she sounds pure Brummie (from Birmingham in the middle of England).

She has also stopped saying, “Wheeeeeeeeeee” on the swing and now shouts out her impression of a lion or tiger, “Rarrrrrrrr”.

Maybe she’s copying other children or maybe she’s experimenting with sounds, I’m not sure. It is odd though, and I miss the, “Mummi”.

She is also ever more affectionate and is currently into rubbing noses with me and also with all her toys, and then getting them to rub noses with me. I rubbed noses with Minne Mouse and several rabbits earlier! She made me chuckle when she rubbed noses with my “niiipull” after she finished her breastfeeding this morning and then made Minnie Mouse to the same thing. Never told us about that in breastfeeding class!

Favourite words and food are currently, “wobbily jelly” which she potters around singing to herself and also uses when she feels her balance isn’t great … going down stairs or climbing up the ladder onto the slide.

That’s all … oh and she picked up the dirty washing earlier and found my knickers and shouted joyfully, “Mummoy nappy” … oh the glamour!!

Being a mother is exhausting, exhilarating and so often very funny.

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