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Missmass Song

December 25, 2013

“What would you like to listen to Hope?”

The usual answer. when we’re driving along, is either “Town” (in an upsidy down town), “Quack” (5 little ducks), “GWooomph” (der Glumph said the little green frong) or “Bow Away” (Oklahoma Home by Springsteen).

The question was met with silence, most unusual, she normally knows exactly what she wants, and then suddenly just as I was about to put the radio on came a little voice, “Missmuss Song, Hopey want Missmuss Song”.

I welled up and felt all festive for the first time, the only problem was I didn’t have any Christmas music in the car. We flipped from channel to channel, we heard Kim Wilde saying, Hey Mr Snowman, we listened to Here Come’s Santa Claus, and We’re Driving Home for Christmas, and still the plaintive little cry came, “want Missmuss Song”. I felt terrible, I had no idea what to play for her, and no idea which specific Christmas song she wanted … since then we’ve tried them all … it must have been something she listened to that I didn’t take in.

I feel rather crestfallen I couldn’t work out which one it was, but in hunting the elusive tune we did discover that she loves Bob Dylan and his Christmas in the Heart album is a huge hit … especially Hark the Herald … I think she’ll be surprised at the difference when she hears it in church on Christmas morning.

Talking of which, the carrot is out ready for Rudolph, the brandy for Missmuss and a jolly red stocking is hanging by the fire. She’s all nestled up snug in her bed with visions of sugar plums (or something) dancing in her head and I really must finish hunting out and wrapping the presents to fill the afore mentioned stocking. Now then, maybe a bite of carrot and a brandy before then …

all ready for Missmuss

all ready for Missmuss

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  1. Roger Darlington permalink
    December 26, 2013 2:56 pm

    Happy Christmas to you Hope from your Uncle Roger

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