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She said it

January 2, 2014

She said it last week …

Not to me

Not to her father

Not to her wonderful Godmother

Not to her Uncle or her Aunts or her paternal Grandmother

Not to one of her toys… not even to her milky (she talks alot to my breasts before and after nursing generally along the lines of “Yay milky” before kissing them and then feeding happily)

No … it was to someone else;

Hope ran in to give Granby a kiss goodnight last week. She buried her face in the crook of Granby’s arm and rested her head there, then she looked up, “I love you Granby”, planted a kiss on the curve of her elbow and then rested her head again.

It made me smile… Hope adores her father, she idolises her Godmother and talks endlessly about her friends, her Uncle, her Granny and her Aunties but the relationship between Hope and her Granby, my mother, has always been a very special one. They are a gang, they are on exactly the same wavelength and they chortle at the same things, when they’re together, I’m totally secondary to proceedings … and now she’s found a way to articulate how she feels.

“I love you too Hopey Pope, now run along and go to bed, your Mummy’s waiting for you”, came the response, the generous selfless response.

That made me smile too.


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  1. January 2, 2014 2:31 pm

    Lovely storey … beautifully written . ❤

  2. January 5, 2014 1:04 pm

    As a doting grandfather to a granddaughter of almost three, I can identify totally with the relationship you have described. Being a parent is great; being a grandparent is special.

    Today, Hope darling, you are two and Uncle Roger sends you a BIG hug. Have a great day and a great year and a great life.

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