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January 9, 2014

One of the many many joys of watching a small person growing up is language development. I’m constantly awed by her ever widening vocabulary, and often amused by it as her pronunciation and enunciation of words can be a bit off the wall at times! She is also learning the power of language.

My favourites in the last month have been:

“snow MAAAN”

“OK” accompanied by vigorous head nodding to confirm when I AM going to give her more jelly, yoghurt, paints, chocolate, squid (yes she loves it) …

“tea?” with a big grin, when she looked around at the visitors who had popped in to see her for her birthday and had presents for her

“pate on bish bosh” when she wanted her own toothpaste

“Noodles gone. MORE?” to the bemused waiter in the noodle bar

“uppy me” and “outy me” when wanting to be picked up or taken out of her high chair

“botton!!!” when she had a rather unlady like outburst of windy buttocks

“tevshun” for television

“Washing HANDS”… she has become a bit obsessed with washing her hands of late

“cop it” for stop it … when I’m trying to encourage her to finish her porridge or remove something from her or even help her get into something … her will is of iron and she likes to do everything now for herself

and so on and so on … I’ve forgotten things that she said even yesterday that I thought I must remember and jot down. Note to self to be more diligent!



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  1. Roger Darlington permalink
    January 11, 2014 5:32 pm

    Do capture all these words and saying because Hope will develop her fluency so fast and before you know it you’ll have forgotten so many of the things she said that amused you so much.

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