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Things that make me happy number 896

January 20, 2014

In all honesty I’ve lost track of the things that make me happy … it’s probably nearer 109,896 … but tonight, after a supper of spaghetti Bolognese, red jelly, kiwi fruit and a mug of water, Hope decided she wanted to do painting.

Hand prints, finger painting, water colour painting and then drawing.

Her drawing is coming on in leaps and bounds and I love it when I ask her what she’s drawn, “a dolphin”, “meoww”, “Mummy”, and tonight a bottle, a banana, and a long squiggly snake. Shapes are beginning to take form and the cat she drew (a circle) was blessed with lustrous whiskers as well as a long tail.

The highlight of the evening however was her drawing with Granby while I hung out the washing and looked through the kitchen to see their heads close together examining a fossil Granby had picked out from a pile of pebbles. Some kind of brachiopod … resemblant to a snail … Hope was looking intently, and pointing to bits of the fossil (that to my untrained eye looked like a dubiously thickened toe nail) and saying, “Mouth?” and Granby would reply, “Yes that’s right Hope, and where was its shell?” and Hope would look, point and say, “There” with delight. She then drew it … and it even looked like one.

Their relationship fills me with joy on so very many levels but tonight it touched me more than ever before.

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