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Very wobbily

January 28, 2014

When is being in a water bed NOT fun!?

when you have a sprained right ankle, a swollen left knee, a hungry miserable toddler wanting to be lifted out of the travel cot beside the water bed and then needing to be fed.

Then when you can’t quietly get back into bed because it makes a sloshing sound and just as you drift off to sleep on the waves she tries to climb back out of the travel cot to get into bed beside you, won’t settle for 3 hours and in the end convinces you that being in bed with you is a good idea.

and … then you have to spend the remaining few sleep deprived hours worrying she might suffocate in the water bed and too scared to move incase she wakes up, and also too in pain to attempt to get up to go to the loo.

I’m so grateful to my lovely sister in law for giving up her bed for the night, so very considerate… and normally, when she’s done it before it’s wonderful to be rocked to sleep on a soothing sea of water but not this last weekend with aching bits and a grumpy short person!!! Next time I’m going to learn the western roll which is apparently the way to get in and out … and I’m going to make sure Hope has a peaceful calm evening before she goes to sleep ready for a lovely long night’s sleep beside me in her cot!

Hope’s comment on the whole experience came the next morning when she was singing “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” and realised she couldn’t as each time she tried to jump she fell over, “Very wobbily Mummy”.

As you were.

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