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bossy boots

January 30, 2014

Hope is becoming increasingly assertive … at times even bossy, she’s also an affectionate little soul.

Last night she settled down to sleep after her usual milky bedtime snuggle. I left her in her cot and came into my office to do some work. An hour or so later I heard a little cry of “Mummi”.

I waited a little while to see if she’d go back to sleep.

There was a small thud and then the dancing sound of small feet, I got up and went and met her on the landing.

She stopped infront of me, put her hands on her hips, pointed to the bedroom and said, “Mummy bed NOW”, then she turned on her pyjama cladded heel and marched back into our bedroom.

I followed her, and watched as she scrambled up, not back into her cot but into my bed. I got ready for bed, a bit too slowly for her liking, “Hurry Mummi, bed NOW”.

I thought she must be hungry and went to pull her over to have a late night breastfeed. She had a half hearted 10 second slurp and wriggled away, sat upright and said, “Hopey sleep, Mummi sleep now”, and patted the sheet beside her. She lay down and patted the sheet again, “Come on Mummi, sleeping now”.

So I did, with a huge smile on my face and she snuggled in close and held onto my arm! We both slept right through until the alarm went off at 8am. Then she crawled over and kissed me and said, “Up now Mummi, porridge… Hopey hungry”.

I knows me place!!!!

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