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like daughter like mother

January 30, 2014

It’s that time of the month at the moment… and this story relates to that so look away now if it bothers you!!

Yesterday I was getting dressed while Hope was pottering about playing with her new tea set, making cups of tea for Batsit and Eeyore.

She  watched as I  took a tampon out of the cardboard box, she darted over and grabbed the wrapped up Tampax out of my hand before I had the chance to open it, “Hopey’s”, she pronounced, and unwrapped it, pulled it about and gleefully started swinging the actual tampon around on its bit of string, “Wheeeeeeee”. She then put it on the floor and said, “mouse eee eeee eeeee, hello mousey”. I couldn’t stop laughing!

She stopped playing with her new toy mouse and stood up again as I opened a panty liner and pulled off the sticky back strip bit. Hope was fascinated and came over and held onto my leg and peered in as I stuck it onto my knickers.

“Oh wow”, said Hope, “Mummy nappy, Mummy knickers, oooohhhhhhhhh ‘citing”.

She happily pulled down her tights and peered at her own nappy, looked over at me, wobbled back to me and hugged me again, “Hopey nappy, Mummy nappy”.

She spent the rest of the day very proudly telling people we were both wearing a nappy! I managed to dispose of her ‘mouse’ before she remembered its existence and have hidden the box full of its friends!!!!


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