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to a hushed room

February 1, 2014

Hope and I went to a birthday party this afternoon, for a little friend of hers. He was 2.

She did well, she only knew the birthday boy and none of the other children, she pottered round, played, ate cake (and sausages) and watched everything that was going on.

When it all got a bit too much for her she headed to the conservatory where there was a ball pool. She sat in it, she threw the balls out, she put them back in again and then sat surrounded by colour taking everything in.

Then she climbed out and went over to the father of her little friend. “Shhhh listen”, she said, sweetly cupping her hand to his ear. “Listen”, the room went quiet, everyone looked at Hope, “Listen”, she said very seriously, “Hopey’s botton”.

Thankfully I think she’d already make the noise she was referring to and I hastily withdrew her to change her nappy just incase … but it did make me chuckle … and I love how she says ‘botton’ or ‘botten’ instead of bottom.

That’s all!

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  1. Patty Pappas permalink
    February 2, 2014 6:56 pm

    I love Hopey! She and I need to get together and have a chat very soon. Hugs!

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