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words words words

March 5, 2014

a long list of new ones …

“noceros” … rhinoceros (a small stretchy plastic one that was a present in a party bag)


stretch (in the morning when we stretch our hands, toes and arms and legs together before we get up)

letters (the foam ones that stick to the side of the bath)


“pinkybink” … her hand painted piggy bank which we put 20p pieces into and invite all visitors to do the same (inspired by a friend of hers who has banked £280 in two years)




change the wheel (after our breakdown the other evening!)

“the round and round” … multiple meanings from microwave to washing machine or round a bout at the park

and my favourite of the moment is Hong Kong …perfectly enunciated … when describing where her friend Ben lives.

And now she has many sentences … often with messy endings:

“dinosaur eating her lunch. Hope eating her lunch. Here dinosaur, eat yoghurt”

“Mummi, come on, come on … Hopey want a change, Hopey done a poo, Hopey want clean nappy, come on Mummi now”

Hope is also into conversation at all times of the day but particularly at night, this the other evening,


“yes Hope”,

“Hopey painting?”

“ok Hope”,

“Hopey painting hands?”

“of course you can Hope”,

“Mummi painting hands?”,

“OK Hopey”,

“Granby painting hands?”

“No Hopey she’s sleeping”,

“Hope want yellow paint”

“certainly Hope”

“moon is yellow”

“that’s right Hope, pale yellow”,

“moon is yellow”

“yes Hopey it is”

“Ok Mummi, Hopey have jelly???”

She’s also drawing more than ever now, very precise circles and on occasion faces… and enjoys writing ‘AH’ ‘Pah’ ‘A’ … which involves her really concentrating while she draws four lines and spells out the letters that as far as she is concerned make Hope.

I could go on but I’ll shut up now!!

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  1. March 5, 2014 11:51 pm

    Aha, shades of the Spaniard are showing. In Spanish, anything round is a ‘bobina’. Whether it is a window winder in a car, a cotton reel, coil etc. 🙂

    • March 5, 2014 11:54 pm

      interesting … you’ll have to give her virtual Spanish lessons … thank you x

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