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Bravery in the extreme

March 25, 2014

Tonight the world award for bravery, goes to ……………… bigger drum roll …………………………………

you guessed it


Normally at the end of her bath as soon as she seems me leaning over to pull the plug out she leaps up, lifts her arms up and calls, “uppy me” with increasing urgency until I pick her up, she does her little fish kick (I know I know, fish don’t kick, but it’s become a thing we do) and then I wrap her warm in the towel with her name on and we sit on the side of the bath and watch the water go twister-ing down the plug hole and listen out for the hungry bath making it’s loud gurgling sound.

Tonight however when I took the plug out, she just sat there, when I asked if she wanted to get out she (very determinedly) said, “no Hope watch” and lay on her tummy watched the water twisting its way down … it made a gurgle and she sat up, she looked, it gurgled again and she lay back down and said, “Hope do it”.

No prompting from me at all, I enjoy watching the water swirl away with her held close, but tonight it wasn’t to be, she lay there, watching until the last bit of water had gone. She mimicked the gurgly noise and she looked up, beamed and said, “Hopey did it”.

Then she leapt up, shouted “uppy me”, I lifted her out and she gave me a huge kiss and sang, “Goodbye to the water” over and over again and waved over my shoulder at the bath as we walked out to get her jamies on.

I’ve seen her pleased with herself before when she’s managed to reach the duck on the high shelf, or climb the ladder by the slide, or write an H but nothing like this. Tonight she decided that she would watch the water, presumably to understand what was happening, and although she was afraid she did just that.

So, hurrah for Hope, for who? For Hope … for Hope the brave, Hope the beautiful and Hope the very happy…

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