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An achy shoulders kind of day

March 27, 2014

We’ve been ill …

first Hope, she kissed her little boyfriend a few weeks back in playgroup … she got her first snogging related disease … a horrible cold and chest infection, she then gave it to me. I’ve now passed it on to Granby.

Like Chinese Whispers it’s been different for each of us.

Thankfully Hope’s been the least badly affected, rivers of snot (which has become known as ‘snuffler’ to us) and a nasty cough, but generally she’s cheerful and her usual musical merry self.

Mother is being kept awake by the cough she’s gone down with, she’s tired, she’s cross, she really resents getting ill and takes it as a personal slight, and this time she really has been poorly. I worry about her as she keeps on keeping on and isn’t good at accepting help or cups of honey and lemon.

It must be where I get it from I guess!!!

I’ve got it worst of all, thick gloopy yellow snuffler (see I told you), and a cough that just sits at the top of my chest and every time it bursts forth I hurt, I ache, all over particularly across the back of my shoulders. It seems to go into remission, I go out for walks or meetings, then at night it pounces horribly. All my pockets are stuffed with glued together tissues, and I’ve even developed a cold sore … a vision I am, a vision of fractious unlovliness.

So … today, rather than taking advantage of Hope being with my friend, one of her incredible child minders, so I can work, all I feel like doing is curling up under a big thick blanket and sleeping…But I can’t … there’s work to be done, work to be found, laundry to sort, writing to do, food to buy, cleaning to be done, a mouse trap to buy (yes last night Minnie and Mickey were partying in the hallway), bills to pay, legs to shave, eye tests to arrange and so on and on and on …

bleugh … as Snoopy would say.

There are times when looking after a 2 year old and an 80 something year old is harder than usual … and this is one. Actually to be fair to both of them, Hope’s been a star and keeps patting me and saying, “better mummy?” and even suggested I have a lie down yesterday (2 mins later she was demanding I did a puzzle with her but the thought was there!!), and Granby has been very good at reminding me to have drinks and so on.

Right that’s it … with half an hour to go until I pick her up it’s time for a sleep or I’m not going to be much fun for her this evening and we have painting to do.

Grumbly grumbly grumbly winge and MOAN…off for a snooze.

As Hope would say, “go away snuffler, go away cough”.

I want to feel better NOW, and who’d have thought all of this is as a result of kissing sickness!!!

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