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April 10, 2014

As a writer (it still makes me beam when people call me that), I don’t have a campaign to support (specifically), or a major issue, so my blog is about me, about us, our journey and the things that inspire, annoy, amuse, sadden and thrill me.

Over the nearly three years I’ve been writing here at Mush Brained Ramblings I’ve been amazed by the response, the emails I’ve had from people saying that they persisted with trying to have a child having read the blog, followed by emails saying that they’ve had a baby, notes from people saying I’ve made them laugh or cry or reflect and each and every one moves me. I still take huge delight in the fact that anyone reads anything I write at all!!!

As a result of this blog I’ve appeared on the BBC (radio and TV), in the national press, and have written for websites around the world (including Older Mum and Cambridge News) and am now a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Mothering in the Middle.

Generally I speak and write about the issues I have faced as an older mother, and commentate on the way older mothers are portrayed in the media. I’ve also written about breastfeeding, tongue ties and solidarity amongst women.

Last year I was proud to be nominated and then shortlisted in the Inspire category in the Brilliance in Blogging awards, and nominated in the 2014 MAD blog awards.

The BiB nominations are open at the moment and close at midnight (UK time) on April 12th (in two days time)… I’d be honoured to be nominated again if you’d consider it … and spread the word!!

in the Writer, Laugh, Family, Inspire categories … if you think I’m funny, or a good writer, or reflect family life or have ever inspired you.

The blog name is:

Mush Brained Ramblings

The blog url is:

My twitter name is:



and beyond that you can choose any of my blog entries to illustrate your nomination.

You can nominate only once but in as many categories as you like.

Clearly there are many many other blogs out there who are worthy (and probably far more so than me) … my personal favourite for the Outstanding Blog is DownsSideUp … and I also love Mamasauraus and all she’s done with Team Honk and have wept over the personal challenges and sadness faced by Jennie at Edspire.

So … pour out a coffee or a glass of something and if you would, spare a few minutes to consider a nomination… and remember nominations close at midnight 12th April

Thank you so much, and for all your support, patience and comment along the way.

We need your vote!!

We need your vote!!

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