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Lazy lie in?

April 16, 2014

this morning we had a lie in. She woke up singing “Daisy Daisy”, and then read her ‘Acorn Story’ book, I got up and opened the curtains and the window, the sunshine and birdsong streamed in, I climbed back into bed and watched her reading …

she shut the book, “finished, Mummy, LOVELY day”,  abseiled over from her cot, feasted on milky and then dozed off again curled up beside me.

I was awoken a little later by a rather unpleasant sensation. She was trying to push my nipple in.

“Milky hiding mummy”, she announced proudly having succeeded, and then got rather upset when she couldn’t manage to wriggle it out again with her small sharp pointy little finger.

I got rather upset too as I couldn’t manage it either. I suggested she tried to drink some milky, that didn’t work. We both sat up and squashed my breast about for about 15 minutes, and then, hurrah of hurrahs out it popped again to be gleefully pounced on by a thirsty small person.

A little later we pottered “outstairs” for porridge with Granby. “Sleep well Granby?”, Hope asked, “Yes thankyou,” Granby replied, “did you”.

Hope put her spoon down, looked a little perplexed and then said, “No Granby, Hopey lost milky, Hope sad, Mummy sad, Hopey push and Hopey FOUND IT”.

“I’m glad about that”, said Granby …

so am I!!!!


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