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and she said … part 867

April 24, 2014

Today’s new words and happenings made me feel happy from top to toe:

“ahhh lovely spaghetti not”, she said during our walk around the garden gazing in wonder at a bank of blue forget me nots.

“Mummy look – a pretty spikey all red”, she said pointing to a rose (yesterday I’d told her to be careful of the thorns as they are prickly and spiky …)

“daffdills ALL gone”, on inspection of the garden, “where gone Mummy?”

“buzzy bee, buzzy bee, all AROUND” – her made up song, all on one note and sung quietly to herself

She wrote the H and the O of Hope tonight and kept doing it over and over again, delightedly saying “Huh for Hopey, O for orange”

“Daisy Daisy give me your answer dooooooo” – new favourite song to sing in the car

She is also now so excited to share facts and stories that the words tangle around themselves as they pour out, she waves her hands and talks faster and faster so keen is she to tell you her news – it always makes me smile.

Oh and the fact that we have to go on an Easter egg hunt on a nightly basis to hunt for the chocolate that so clearly grows in the garden!! When she can’t find it she blames her little friend Lorenzo for eating it all during her Easter egg hunt over the weekend, “Renzo ate it all up”.

When I’m changing her nappy or after a bath, we play, I often blow raspberries on her tummy, in the morning she blows them on mine. Yesterday her boyfriend Alfie came round, it was his second birthday, she went to kiss him and he pulled away shyly holding onto his mother’s legs. Hope wasn’t put off and decided that a friendly raspberry would sort him out so marched over, lifted up his T shirt and blew a wonderful raspberry right in the middle of his tummy, poor small chap didn’t know quite what to do. He beamed and then pulled his T shirt right down below his knees! “Silly Alfie”, she said, “Silly Alfie”.

Now she’s asleep, clutching the corner of her blanket in one hand, a random stuffed rabbit which she found downstairs in the other and her pebble on the floor next to her bed – she found it in the gravel earlier and kept it in her pocket all evening along with a squashed blue spaghetti not.

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