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Wrists are actually quite important

May 12, 2014

it’s not because I’m old … well I don’t think so at any rate.

It’s because she’s getting older, and heavier … that and the fact that I lost my car keys during a rain storm having just done my shopping at a local farm shop at the weekend. Happily sitting having a cup of frothy coffee in the sunshine (weekly caffeine intake = one cup) when I realised I hadn’t got the keys. Emptied bag out on to bench, stopped her from posting receipts, coins, driving licence etc through slats on bench, just putting everything back together again, she stood up, kicked over coffee (accident) and then splosh, rain … and lots of it.

Grabbed her, stuffed everything back into bag, grabbed shopping … plastic bag burst.

Stuffed shopping into handbag (anchovy container broke … aaagggghhhhhhhhhhhh), picked up small person, grabbed bag and, forgetting I’d lost the car keys made a dash for the car.

Got all the way across the field to remember I’d lost them. Plonked bits of shopping on dashboard, turned back, toddler now wriggling, wet and enraged, me now dripping with anchovy oil, wet and very flustered.

Went into shops, retraced steps, juggled child on one arm … nothing…

I bumped into a friend and she helped look, and then after a very stressful hour of carrying baby and poking round in long wet grass we eventually found them. I’d obviously dropped them and another car had parked ontop of them and then left … thank goodness.

Stuffed baby, wet bag, smelly bag, shopping and self into car… baby’s nappy exploded … tears. Grabbed baby, scampered back to changing area, changed her and suggested she walk back to the car with me. Realised she only had one shoe … looked in changing area, nothing, picked her up, felt something ‘give’ in my left wrist, nearly dropped her but managed to keep her elevated as ran back through rain to car.

Shoe wet and on grass beside car.

Twisted round to put baby in car seat (convertible 3 door not idea for small folk), felt something else go in wrist, yelped. “Mummy funny”, she said as she watched me wincing in pain.

Flopped into car clutching left wrist.

Looked into little sunvisor mirror … drowned rat looked back … I laughed and drove home.

2 days later it is swollen and hurts … I can’t carry her up and down the stairs at the moment so mornings and bed times are taking MUCH longer, and she is totally bemused as to why my wrist is sore. She has shown empathy though and now walks round rubbing her left forearm saying, “Hopey wist poorly, sore WIST”.

Even opening the jar of jam to put a dollop in her porridge this morning hurt, and holding her for breastfeeding is exquisitely painful .. good job she can stand up and feed now, which isn’t ideal at bed time but worked well earlier.

Physio friend said ice it, compress it, elevate it and rest it … harder said than done with a toddler in tow.

OK grumbling over, and shutting up now.

Off to hospital this afternoon to have my eyes checked … a sun spot at the back of one and a cataract as well which means having to have a bit of my eye replaced or some such nonsense … “odd in one so young, these kind of things normally happen to people after 70” … see I told you it wasn’t because I’m old.

I do, however, feel as if I’m falling to pieces today!!!

Onwards and upwards …


Post Script …



If you’re so inclined it would be wonderful if you could vote for this geriatric mother and her blog in the Brilliance in Blogging awards, we’ve been shortlisted in the Inspire category (yes I know I know) and need all the votes we can get to go through to the final … it’s category 5 and the blog name is Mush Brained Ramblings … thank you so much

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