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small child logic

May 20, 2014

I picked her earlier from a friend who’d been looking after her while I got some work done this afternoon, she was so happy and skipped to the door in her red wellies words tumbling over themselves to tell me what she’d been doing.


bouncing on the jumpoline


playing on the slide

eating pasta

the list went on and on …

in the car home she continued telling me about her playmates and suddenly got all solemn in the way only small folk can.

“Mummy, he was sad”, she’d been talking about the only boy there so I knew who she meant …

“oh dear”, I responded vaguely, pondering whether to have fish fingers or sausages for supper.

“Mummy, he was very sad”,

“Oh dear, that’s not good”

“Mummy he was crying”

“Oh poor chap, I’m sorry Hopey, why was he crying”

“MUMMY he crying because he SAD!!!! Silly Mummy not listen”

That told me!!

and she was right …

we continued with me asking why he was sad … apparently he didn’t want to get off the jumpoline … but all was well that ended well apparently,

“because he Hopey friend, Hopey say, it’s alright, don’t be sad. Hopey kiss him … all better”

Silly Mummy for not understanding why he was crying … I love my girl and her empathy, logic and indignation.



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