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I wonder

June 10, 2014

when she’s older and hears a hairdryer, will she feel hungry?

Ever since she realised she could breastfeed standing up, when I sit down to dry my hair and turn the hairdryer on, she appears … running at full tilt, leaving books, bears, towers, paintings mid play, and rushes over shouting, “milky Mummy”… she lifts up my top, if I’m wearing one, un-clips the feeding bra, if I’m that far dressed, or simply pounces on my left breast (always that one first), looks up and says, “yummy milky” before feasting. One side, then the other.

I finish drying my hair, she stops her feast and scuttles back to whatever she was doing.

It’s become a routine, part of our daily getting up ritual … but I wonder what will happen when she stops nursing, will she scamper in demanding porridge or toast, or just have some vague memory of a sweet taste. As a teenager will she need a drink when she dries her hair … or will it be something that fades into the mists of time.

I wonder …

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