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With a moo moo here

July 2, 2014

An old family friend came to visit this evening, his name is Donald, he’s quite shy, he’s very thoughtful, and he has a great big beard.

We had a BBQ in the garden, she waited on us, carrying napkins, bread rolls and very very carefully, plates with hamburgers on them. We held our breath and resisted dashing to help as they seemed all set to tip on the floor … none of them did, but they all came close, she was delighted, “Hopey helped, Hopey did it”.

Another friend popped round to talk about a project we’re working on together. Hope bounded over to greet her and took her by the hand and walked her across to where the rest of us were sitting, she beamed, she looked up at Jess, she took a theatrical style deep breath and introduced everyone.

“Jess, this My Mummy, this Granby, this my Daddy”, she got to Donald, she looked up at Jess, she beamed and then she jumped up and down with glee, “This, this, THIS is Old MacDonald”.

Ee aye eee aye OH!!!!

Poor chap didn’t quite know what to do as we the rest of us choked back snorts of laughter, but he did manage a rather shy response with a smile, “most people call me Don”.

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