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Up early

July 25, 2014

I was up early this morning, following a late night working on an important piece of work which had to be delivered today.

I crept out of bed and left Hope, who’d climbed in at some point for a milky repast, fast asleep, a small starfish clutching her stuffed rabbit.

An hour later I heard a noise at the office door, looked round and there she was. Standing in the door all tousle headed with a big grin and dragging her pink ‘blankie’ behind her. She marched over, dropped her blankie, said, “hello Mummy, stop working! Hope love ooooooo. Milky …”, and dived straight under my top for a snack.

What a wonderful way to start the rest of the day, another of those images to store away in my mind for when she’s older and no longer announces her waking up in such a lovely fashion.

Right, time for a snack downstairs and it’s hard to lean over the top of her and type while she’s standing up feeding beside me her hair tickling my armpit and her other arm and very pointy fingers foraging around to see if there’s milky on the other side.

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