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Something to smile about

July 31, 2014

every time she says it …


“what are you doing Mummy?”

“ironing” (a once in a very blue moon occurrence)



“what’s man doing?”

“flying a kite”



“what’s that Mummy?”




“I missed you Mummy”

“I missed you too”



“Hopey made cheese dogs, and cheese cat” (not cheese scones this week but cheese dogs, which were delicious even if the kitchen took an hour to tidy afterwards!)

“they smell lovely”

“OH” pauses “have one Mummy”


“I love you Hopey”



“It’s a lovely day”



“It’s stopped raining”

“Stopped raining, splish splosh … OH”


“OH”, seems to be the response to most things at the moment!!! Said very firmly if a little quizzically and thoughtfully with her hands on her hips and her head slightly on one side.

It’s increasingly followed by “Why?” which is in turn followed by “Why?” and so on and so on … all of which makes me smile … but then so do most things she does!



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