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Quite potty

August 8, 2014

We’re not potty training yet but there is a blue plastic potty upstairs and another one downstairs … from time to time over the last month she’s sat on one for about 2 seconds and then leapt up announcing, “no wee wee”, “no poo”, and although she asks to be naked from time to time, especially in bed in the morning if we have a breastfeeding snuggly lie in, she generally asks to wear her nappy.

Nappies are something Hope enjoys, she pats the front of them proudly and potters around tummy out looking pleased with herself. She’s never made a fuss having her nappy changed and is always fascinated by the contents and keen to share the news, “no poo only wee wee”, or “big poo” and so on.

This morning we were both a little tired after a late night flying back from Ireland and we had a big lie in, a big cuddle and she drank a small lake of milky and then played her favourite, I’m going to poke your nipples in as far as they can go game, after which she announced, “milky tidy”.

I heaved myself out of bed and suggested that she sit on the potty while I go to the loo. She trotted into the bathroom with my cell phone in one hand, looking at pictures of our visit to the emerald isle and came back with the potty in the other hand. She set it down on the floor infront of me.

I did a wee, she looked up and grinned, “Mummy did a wee”, and then, she did one too … she looked quite surprised and then absolutely delighted with herself. She bounded up and had a look in the potty, “look Mummy look, Hopey done a wee in potty, GRANBY come see, Hopey done a wee in potty”.

All of which made me feel quite emotional!

We wiped from front to back, threw everything down the loo and she has dashed off downstairs to tell Granby all about it.

As I type she’s just called up, “Mummy, Hopey want nappy on”, so I must go and sort that out. Sorry for the toilet nature of the post but it is a milestone and I felt it needed to be marked!

The whole potty training thing fills me with fear, I’ve seen friends have timers and whisk children out of activities to ensure they are plonked on potties at exactly half hourly intervals, seen people with potties out for walks and so on, ultimately it’s whatever works for you and your child, but I’ve always felt that growing up as a toddler is exciting and overwhelming enough without the added stress of being forced to wee on demand and the guilt and so on, so have been fairly philosophical about it happening when she’s ready and I’m planning on sticking to that approach.

Right, off to give her a big hug and a nappy!

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