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What have you done?

August 8, 2014

For a while now she’s been brushing her own teeth, diligently squeezing a tiny spot of toothpaste on to a Hello Kitty toothbrush which her aunt gave her and carefully brushing top to bottom, side to side, up down up down, teeth together and so on and then rinsing the brush and standing it up on it’s plastic suction type end by the side of the sink.

Earlier she announced she needed to brush her teeth, “off you go then”, I responded distractedly wading through a mountain of back emails …

ten minutes later I thought she was being rather quiet but guessed she was reading one of her bathroom books.

I wandered into the bathroom, “aaagghhhhhhhhhhhh Hopey what HAVE you done?”

“toothpaste Mummy, I squaggled it, see … and drawing”, she responded very proudly.

Not many surfaces were left unsquaggled … lots of neat little swirls of toothpaste and a mural on one wall … a rainbow apparently, lots of toothpaste arches.

Took a while to clean up!

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