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Comparatively speaking

August 14, 2014

Hope has started to compare things … the best example I can give of this is from a short car journey this afternoon to visit a friend.

From the back of the car I heard a small rumbling sound. The kind of .sound that is normally followed by our little joke,
“Was that Mummy’s bottom?”,
“no, Mummy it was Hopey’s bottom”,
followed by a delighted, “Hope make farty noise”.

I know I know … and I’ve never said the word infront of her, I talk about her having windy buttocks … but the little phrase “farty noise” is one she’s pounced upon and it always makes her chortle.

Today, I turned to look at her over my shoulder (when we pulled up at a traffic light),

“Was that Mummy’s bottom?”,

“No, Mummy it was Hopey’s bottom”, she replied … and then the rumbly sound came again.

Silence in the back.

Then, a little voice piped up filled with wonder, “MUMMY MUMMY, Hopey’s bottom like THUNDER”.

Ten minutes later there was thunder outside, just before we turned into the quiet lane where our friends live, it rumbled round,

“Hopey not scared thunder Mummy, thunder like Hopey’s bottom, thunder funny”.

A few minutes later the rain and the storm came, small person beamed up as I was unstrapping her from her car seat, rain pelting down on my back, “Hopey happy Mummy”.

And so the day continues …

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