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I woke up this morning

August 25, 2014

This morning I woke up because a bird started to sing really loudly outside … I tried to turn my head and couldn’t …

She had abseiled in to my bed over the side of her cot during the wee small hours for a milky snack, so familiar now that it just happens, warm and peaceful and I don’t really feel I’ve been woken up … we generally drift off to sleep together, my small fish pushing me to the very precipice at the edge of the bed. Normally, I wake up and sneak out and have my bath … then just before I get out, the door is pushed open and she walks in, like a picture book toddler in her pyjamas, clutching the corner of her little blanket or a teddy and announces, “I’m awake Mummy”.

This morning it was different, she had me trapped, I couldn’t move. She was clutching a hug handful of my hair in her hand and was lying across my shoulder, her other hand was holding on tight to my nipple! How I’d managed to be asleep like that I have no idea!

I lay there for a while and manage to wriggle my breast free from her grasp, and listened to the bird singing outside, and the sound of her breathing so close by.

I must have drifted back off to sleep, the next thing I knew was a big wet slodgy kiss on the nose, the shout of “I’m awake Mummy, Mummy WAKE UP”, and then the lunge across me for milky. She had a few slurps, looked up and beamed, “delicious Mummy ‘ank you much Mummy”.

All of which made me very happy.


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