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The written word

September 24, 2014

Did I mention that she can now write her own name?

The feeling of absolute joy I get looking at this is impossible to articulate … not that she has the skill and dexterity to form the letters but my daughter, the little person who wasn’t ever meant to be, my Spaniard, our baby, our remarkable Hope is so proud and sure of who she is (she says her name with such certainty and always pats herself on the chest when she says it … her full name … and where she lives), that the first thing she has written is her name… I told you I couldn’t articulate it!

Anyway … just look and smile broadly … and notice the butterfly and the little heart as well… she wrote it the day after she was two years and eight months old on the front of her friend’s third birthday card envelope, the heart was because it was with love from Hope …


a word of art

a word of art

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