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tantrums and tomorrows

May 13, 2015

she’s three

she’s threenage … I hate that phrase, but it really is an accurate summation of how things are!

tantrums … for the most random of reasons …

– clearly Peppa Pig rage is de rigueur amongst small folk, they are absurdly happy to be allowed to watch it, but then go totally and utterly bonkers at the thought of not being able to watch all 9000 episodes at one sitting.

– then there’s wanting to wear ballet shoes to supper, not wear shoes outside, wear moon boots to bed and other shoe related angst

– we also have the wanting to take rabbit / other rabbit / panda / dog / book / other rabbit / Eric the bear to bed situations which generally there isn’t much room for me, yes we’re co-sleeping now most of the time… but the other night there was the paddy to end all paddys … total pandemonium because she wanted to take something very specific to bed with her … a square of loo roll which had suddenly (and not because she had a cold, she wanted just to hold it) become the most important thing in the world

– we had a playdate last week and she and her friend both wanted to go to the loo at the same time, she got there first, her friend sobbed, which in turn made her howl, then they both wanted the Peppa Pig cup (I swear that brand has some weird addiction drugs with it), then the mop, then cheese in a sandwich the same as each others … and at the end of an hour both mothers in shock I had to drag her away to go home, both the girls howled as they didn’t want to be parted!

– she left some mushrooms, carefully picked out of some pasta (where would we be without pasta?), on her plate, I ate them, she was livid, “but you didn’t want them”, “MY MUSHROOMS”, “but you left them”, “YES but you NOT Have them, give them back” etcetera etcetera …

tonight she was sad that I have bigger toes than she does …

it’s tough being three sometimes!

Oh and my book comes out tomorrow … after all the hard work, all the ups, the worry, the few downs, the fearful times, the ecstacy and the painstaking obsessing over detail … tomorrow is the day.

Milky Moments is officially published by Pinter and Martin Publishers on Thursday 14th May 2015 … it’s my book and I’m so proud, the artist my friend wonderful Jess is quite incredible, and I’m so very proud, and so very humbly grateful that we’ve already had an incredible response from people who pre-ordered copies … tears, welling up, love, wonder … apparently it’s stirred up lots of emotions. Amazon sold out! They’ve restocked and we now have two 5 star ratings, and there are two on the publisher’s site … quite incredible.

So … after several weeks of 3 and  4am bedtimes, tonight at 11.21 I sign off.

Tomorrow I’ll be a published author, I can describe myself to people as a writer.

I’d better up my game here then!!

Night : )

launch invitation to Milky Moments publishing event

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