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Let it be known …

August 17, 2015

Let it be known, that from here on in a pachyderm (and more specifically the one with the trunk) will officially be known as an EFFALUNT…

most of her funny terms for things (well the ones she started when she was two), have gone and been replaced by the proper word, but effalunt seems to have embedded itself into all of our vocabularies … the word elephant sounds all wrong now.

She’s also changed the way I greet people who I’ve met at least once before, no more, “hello how are you?” or “long time no see” or even, “who are you?”

now it’s an exuberant point of my index finger directly at them and

“It’s you again!”

This is quite the best form of greeting and one she’s taken to the next level in terms of making people smile, of opening conversations and of getting over awkward introductions.

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