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her rationale …

September 9, 2015

She’s started rationalising why she does or doesn’t want to do things … why she was mischievous, why she got cross, why she was happy … really just WHY?

me: “it’s time for a snooze now”

small person: “no Mama, I can’t sleep now, my legs have got too much wiggles in them. Look!!”

me: “it’s bedtime now bunny”

small person: “I don’t think I finished today already”

me: “do you need a poo?”

small person: “hmmm no, there isn’t any poo in my tummy”

me: “shall we brush your hair now”
small person: “no cos I’m just beautiful as I am”

me: “yes, but it’s a good idea to brush your hair so it doesn’t get5 all snaggly”

small person: “I think today is snaggle day, I will wear them”

me: “are you going to do a wee before we go out?”

small person: “it’s not got down there yet”

me: “why did you just hit me?”

small person: “because you’re my Mama and I love you!”

me: “could you please bring me my dress”

small person: “no”

me: “why not? I need to wear it to go to a meeting this morning”

small person: “it’s not red and my shoes are red so you must wear a red dress today”

me: “why were you grumpy with your friend?”

small person: “because my hair is sparkly today”

me: “we’ve got pasta pesto for supper”

small person: “it’s my favourite because I’m three”

me: “why did you do that?”

small person: “because I did”

and so on and so forth bless her : )

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