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O & X

October 1, 2015

We’ve been playing noughts and crosses (tic tac toe) for a while now.

Her auntie gave her a little wooden board with pleasing red circles and solid black X’s on little wooden squares to slot in … we play differently most times … sometimes we build a tower of alternate colours, other times just race to see who can put their colour on the board fastest and other times we take turns and if a line comes it’s exciting but fairly random.

Today we played it properly … and she won.

I sat and explained the rules, showed her the way the lines work and we talked about diagonal lines.

Then we started … she watched, thought about it and then put down her pieces. The first time I won, she was thoughtful for a while, “we play again Mama”, and that was it … next 4 games she wiped the floor with me. I didn’t try to lose, I played to win and she walloped me!!

“Ok Mama, you must practise I think! We have breakfast now … tomorrow we play again and you can have the goodness and I’ll have the naughtiness” … then I realised I’d referred to the game as noughts and crosses for the first time rather than circles and crosses … and this was her spin on that, “Mama if I have the naughtiness for you then maybe you win next time”.

I love this small person… and she’s right, I must practise!

her rationale …

September 9, 2015

She’s started rationalising why she does or doesn’t want to do things … why she was mischievous, why she got cross, why she was happy … really just WHY?

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She saved and she saved

September 1, 2015

for the last six weeks she’s been saving.

Well that’s not strictly true, she’s been saving for the last two years… every penny she picks up, every note or coin she’s given, they all go into her piggy bank, her hand painted and very loved pink pank (as she calls it), or the rabbit pank … a hand painted glazed rabbit with a slot in the top. Every now and again we go to the bank and we deposit money into her account. It’s always an adventure, and the receipts are kept like golden tickets as special treasures.

So she’s been saving for ages, but for the last weeks it’s been for something particular. Read more…

Let it be known …

August 17, 2015

Let it be known, that from here on in a pachyderm (and more specifically the one with the trunk) will officially be known as an EFFALUNT…

most of her funny terms for things (well the ones she started when she was two), have gone and been replaced by the proper word, but effalunt seems to have embedded itself into all of our vocabularies … the word elephant sounds all wrong now.

She’s also changed the way I greet people who I’ve met at least once before, no more, “hello how are you?” or “long time no see” or even, “who are you?”

now it’s an exuberant point of my index finger directly at them and

“It’s you again!”

This is quite the best form of greeting and one she’s taken to the next level in terms of making people smile, of opening conversations and of getting over awkward introductions.

How long is long enough?

August 5, 2015
I wrote this for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt 2015 around their theme of Extended Breastfeeding.

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Big Book News …

June 11, 2015

Today, Thursday June 11th, exactly four weeks to the day, since that wet and soggy book launch, the paperback edition of Milky Moments is being released.

That in itself is newsworthy and exciting, but not for any other reason than it’s (also) a lovely edition … the note worthy part, the truly newsworthy and really exciting part is that it was due to be released in September 2015… but, due to the massive demand for Milky Moments, the first run of the hard back edition of Milky Moments has all but sold out.

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!

The publisher generously acknowledged he’d been ‘caught short’ by the demand when he sent me a rather lovely Congratulations email … he wasn’t the only one. My jaw is still on the ground, people didn’t just buy the book, they liked it and they bought it in the droves … all round the world!!!!

The paperback edition of Milky Moments has released today, a full three months early. The current plan is for the hardback to be reprinted and it should be on shelves and virtual shelves again later in the summer.

A tiny bit of me feels sad that we have to stop selling the beautiful hardbacks for now, and is apprehensive that the paperback won’t be as cherished and loved as the hardback is. People have described it as a book to keep, to hand down to children’s children and so on, I don’t know if a paperback will elicit the same emotional response. I’ve looked online and it’s there, Milky Moments is ‘live’ in full paperback glory. We’ll have to work again to build up the huge number of Facebook likes the hardback has generated (over 500 to date on its page on the Pinter and Martin site), and the tweets and shares … but we’ll get there, and in the meantime the my Milky Moments F page is getting ever more popular and ever more active with all the latest news, updates and reviews .

So, there you have it, my news, the news, the BIG NEWS of the day on June 11th, a lovely normal funny beautiful important little book, one that a fair few people doubted, has sold out (well almost … there are a few hardback copies in the Cherry Hinton Road Post Office in Cambridge (I love that they were the first shop to put it on their shelves in the UK as it is where I posted the signed Milky Moments contract back to Pinter and Martin from), and at the Barn in Kneesworth and a bookshop called Liber in Sligo and a few other independent bookshops, and I’m taking some to various fairs, festivals and shows over the next week or two, and there are a few left on the publishers site … but the distributors warehouse has none left, instead there are now boxes of Milky Moments paperbacks which will be winging their way around the world… and now on sale.

So if you want a hardback, a first edition print run hardback, then chip chop and buy one before they’re gone and become a valuable collectors item!

UK retail price for Milky Moments paperback should be £6.99 (are we EVER going to pay back our advance? it will take much longer now before any Royalties appear!!), the paperback is up for £5.99 on the Pinter and Martin site … which seems almost insultingly cheap for all our hard work!

Go, click like on the paperback page, share the link, buy the book, it’s on Amazon too and other sites all round the world … as is the Kindle edition! (Really, who reads children’s picture books to their children on a Kindle … maybe lots of people do … call me old fashioned but … sigh … anyway, it’s there if you want it!)

Look forward as I do, as Jess also does, to the reprinted hardback edition being back on sale again very soon.

Ha … who’d have thought it?!

Sold out …

hard and paperbck3

Side by side, the two first editions of Milky Moments. Hardback and paperback, on the publisher’s bookshelves.


now there’s a thing!

hard and paperback 2

hard back and paperback

Book bits … a launch retrospective.

June 11, 2015

Four weeks ago I was left feeling as if my head had exploded … shivering, numb and in shock. No, nothing bad had happened, in fact something amazing had happened, something I never dared imagine.

My book had been published and the book launch had just finished.

At about 6.30pm on Thursday 14th May, I was sitting in a marquee with only half the sides on it, rain was pouring down, my mother had been given a lift home and taken my car keys back with her, so small person and I were left waiting for them to be returned after everyone else had gone. Read more…