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The 1000 yard dash

May 30, 2015

When you’re running along bent sideways holding the side of the scooter your small person is zipping along on … it can be a bit ache inducing, that can either be because you get a stitch in your side or your spine is slightly too twisted .. or it can be ache inducing because you are smiling so much your face hurts.

The latter happened to me on Friday.

We were rushing to meet an old friend, we’d had a busy indoorsy kind of a day and I’d deliberately parked the car about half an hour walk away from where we had to go.

I’d brought her scooter with us … she doesn’t use it much, the tilting steering mechanism still perplexes her, but I figured a long straight path away from traffic was perfect … and it was.

She zipped, she off roaded, she rode along on it and I steered it and ran it along, and then I just held it lightly for balance while she scooted for all she was worth, singing, “One more step along the world I go”, really loudly and occasionally stopping to wave (in manner of The Queen) at random passers by.

She was wearing a pink Minnie Mouse top, riding on the pink Minnie Mouse scooter and I was carrying her pink shiny Minnie Mouse backpack … her trousers had BarBar the elephant on the pocket (which contained 8 penny pieces and an old Norwegan kroner) and her red shoes were on the wrong feet. Oh and for part of the adventure she was wearing her floppy dog / lop eared rabbit ears. Not the ultimate in fashion stakes and her only branded clothes whatsoever, all worn with great pride all at once!

It was a Mummy moment, a happier than happy time and I had one of those split second lightening strike type revelations.

I was doing something I’ve passed so many times, with a child dressed from head to foot in merchandising, there was nothing exceptional, nothing stand out, BUT I’ve rarely been happier.

I don’t think there’s ever been any doubt on this blog as to my absolute love for small person, but yesterday it pierced me straight through the heart and made me whoop out loud for joy.

Then I stumbled over the left side front wheel of the scooter and twisted and hurt my back, but we ran on and the pain faded, the joy didn’t though.

That 1000 yard dash, that epic scoot across a diagonal path in the middle of a green, in the centre of town is something I hope I will never ever forget.

Scooting against the wind

Scooting against the wind

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