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Hope’s Guides

This section of our blog is to highlight things that Hope and I like or reviews which sometimes people have asked us to write. Perhaps products we enjoy or use regularly, with reasons why, things or items which are personal to us … or perhaps places we’ve been which we love … or I’m sure from time to time that we loathe or think could do with a bit of constructive feedback (says the consultant in me!). If we ever undertake a ‘paid for’ product review it will be made clear, otherwise and generally, these are things, places and experiences that are worthy of comment.

I’ll start it off with one she loathes. Yup vests (not the ones in the picture just vests in general)!

Hope frequently says on her Twitter account that she #hatesvests … more particularly having them pulled over her head .. I pull them up which seems to be more bearable.

Then one she loves … as do I, and used it throughout my pregnancy Essence of Eden coconut oil.

I love it, used it on my tummy and didn’t get a single stretch mark … well one but hut that went away again long before she was born. I now use it on Hope, in the bath or afterwards – she has virtually never had nappy rash, and has never  ever had cradle cap. I also use it all over me, body and face, and sometimes rubbed into my hair in the bath. Wonderful stuff, I’ve tried various brands but they often smell stale or odd, this type has been consistently lovely … not quite the pure pure perfect oil I had fresh in Kerela, but not far off.



So there you have it … the start of something new for our blog … now I just need to work out how the pages all fit together as it grows!

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